Red Bull SPECT Goggles

Are an essential part of your winter equipment. Red Bull SPECT Goggles not only protect you from the cold, wind and harmful UV rays, they also ensure that you always have a clear view. Whether spherical or cylindrical lens, magnetic lens change system or perfect fit, our ski goggles with the Red Bull SPECT Strap are loyal companions in the snow.

UV protection for Goggles

Especially in the mountains it is important to protect your eyes from UV rays. The aggressive sunlight can even become a danger for your eyes, because the UV radiation increases with the altitude. Snow and reflective surfaces even increase the exposure. Our Goggles therefore offer 100% UV protection, regardless of the tint of the lens. They carry the CE mark, which confirms broadband UV protection.

Tinting and glass colour

Depending on the model, our Goggles have lenses with different colours. There is a different colour for every weather condition. From the barely tinted to the orange lens, all tint levels have their application:

  • Category 1: The orange-yellowish tinted lens has a brightening effect and provides higher contrast vision in bad weather
  • Category 2: For moderate light, cloudy and changing conditions
  • Category 3: Perfect for sunny days, even if a few clouds pass through

If you want to be prepared for all conditions, a quick-change system is an option for you. With it, you can easily change the lenses of your Goggles and are well equipped for all weather conditions. Our Goggles have a magnetic quick-change system that allows you to change lenses in seconds. The Premium Goggle comes with two lenses – one for bad weather and one for good weather.

Glass coating

In the obligatory program for our Red Bull Goggles there is anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens. This special surface treatment prevents fogging of the goggles at changing temperatures. What should also not be missing is an anti-scratch coating. It improves the scratch resistance and keeps annoying scratches away. A hydrophobic glass coating ensures that moisture, grease and dirt roll off the glass and your glasses stay clean without streaks. Premium features that our ski goggles fulfil 100%:

  • Anti-Fog
  • Anti-scratch
  • Hydrophobic

Spherical or cylindrical

Basically, Goggles can be distinguished between spherical or cylindrical lens shapes. The spherical lens is double curved and can be recognized by its typical curved shape. The shape of the lens is similar to the shape of your eyes and therefore promises less optical distortion. The larger interior volume also usually provides a larger field of view. The cylindrical lens has a flatter optical system, but can still score with excellent peripheral vision.

Ventilation system – no more steamed up of goggles

The ventilation system ensures that your Red Bull Goggles do not fog up. An effective ventilation system ventilates moist, warm air out of the goggles, preventing them from fogging up. Our specially designed Red Bull SPECT ventilation system was developed for optimal air exchange. The generous ventilation slits at the upper edge of the frame ensure that warm air can escape unhindered. At the lower edge of the frame, fresh air constantly enters the glasses.

Wearing comfort

Pressure points on the face are avoided by comfortable foam. Our high-quality processed Goggles come with three-layer foam. The different layers adapt to your face and provide a pleasant wearing comfort all day long.

So that your glasses don’t slip, our glasses straps are adjustable and come with a curved silicone line on the inside of the strap. Whether you want to wear your ski goggles with a helmet or cap, they will always stay in place.


Just as with sunglasses, the size of the face also influences the choice of the right Goggles.

  • Small Fit: If you have a smaller head or face shape, Small Fit Goggles will fit you. These are especially recommended for children and small female faces.
  • Medium Fit: A Medium Fit goggle fits the wide range of skiers and snowboarders and is also compatible with all standard helmet sizes.
  • Large Fit: Large Fit glasses have very large frames. These particularly large Goggles can also be of benefit to spectacle wearers, as optical glasses can often be worn underneath.

Get your Red Bull SPECT ski goggles now!

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